NLR Information

Naked Landlady Rentals customer support hours are from 9AM to 9PM SLT, daily, except for holidays.   You can reach us through our group, Naked Landlady Tenants, or you can visit our store and page an online agent here:

My usual personal schedule with NLR is Tues., Fri., Sat., from 1PM to 4PM SLT.

Common Support Issues:

Help! I rented land but I can’t rez objects! There’s a good chance you did rent the land, by paying the tier box, and that’s great, that is how you want to pay the rent, but, you also need to make sure, the first time, that you buy the land as well.  Unless you have an agent help you with your initial rental, you will have to pay L$100 for the parcel.   That L$100 will be refunded to you by Lyndsay.  

Help! I’m being griefed! Please put the name of the griefer and the location of the griefing into an IM to Lyndsay Carson, or send this information in a notecard to her profile.  You may also send this information to me, in a notecard, and if I am first to sign on, I will be happy to help, regardless of my scheduled hours. ;)

I have a non-emergency situation I need help with….  You are more than welcome to send your question or concern to Lyndsay Carson in a notecard at any time of day or you may send a notecard to me if I’m offline, but if you need to speak to a live agent, you’ll need to do so during NLR business hours, which are 9AM to 9PM SLT.

Some Handy How-Tos: