All About Kiki

Hello! My name is Micaela Lemondrop in Second Life, otherwise known as Kiki.

I wear a lot of hats in SL.  I co-own CatTaleS, a KittyCatS Secondary Marketplace and Auction house with my dear friend Mirsoul.   Each Tuesday at 9AM SL time, and Saturday at 10:30AM SL time, I act as auctioneer for a KittyCatS auction.   I also own and operate a small shop of random cute things called FxM. (FxM features clothes, poses, furniture, and whatever other odd little thing pops into my head to make).

Most people think that I’m a pretty sweet gal, and I think that’s fairly accurate – most of the time.   I can be quite shy, and sometimes that can come off as being moody and anti-social.  I am, admittedly, quite the introvert.  I do like to think that I’m very approachable though, and I legitimately enjoy being helpful.   Perhaps that’s part of the reason I love my other job, working as a rental agent at Naked Landlady Rentals.  P.S., No I don’t run around naked for work.

I’m a geek. A nerd.  A gamer. A Whovian. An Anglophile.  I am thoroughly convinced I should have been born somewhere in England, and possibly in a completely different decade.  (No, I’m not telling you how old I am!) I’m sincerely sorry that we Americans threw all that lovely tea into the harbor and pitched a proper little fit, but no matter how many times I say as much, they won’t just up and grant me UK citizenship.  Darn it.

I am an odd mix of something between full on girlie-girl and total tomboy.  I’m a walking, talking contradiction, but you know what? I think that makes me pretty fun.

I’m also pretty terrible at writing or talking about myself, as you can see. If you have questions, though, or just feel like shooting the breeze with me, feel free to look me up in Second Life.