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Stop It! Please. Just Stop It!

I’m not much of a shopper in RL, but in Second Life, I love to shop!  And I have a really broad range of tastes in clothing, but of late there seems to be a trend in footwear that is driving me insane.

Tiptoe shoes.  Shoes that are designed to have your avatar permanently walking about on tiptoe.   I resent this so much.  So much.  The shoes in the photo attached to this post are brilliant in style (click here if you can’t see the photo) – I love them. Except for the fact that they’re that permanently on tiptoe baloney!

I get it, how the tiptoe shoes can be useful for a photo shoot, or for machinima, maybe, where someone’s meant to be temporarily on tiptoe, but c’mon, if you’re going to make ridiculously cute shoes, and you insist on doing the tiptoe thing, please give me the option in a flat foot style, too!  Maybe some people think that having your avatar walk around on tiptoe all day is no big deal, but no, no really it is a big deal.  I have invested thousands  and thousands of L$ into cute hair, pretty skin,  mesh parts replacements, animation overrides, clothing and yes, shoes all in the name of looking good, so clearly appearance matters to me in SL…

Walking around on tiptoe all day does not look good. It’s just silly, to me.

But hey, that’s just my opinion, man, and I’m probably a bit alone in it.  After all, I guess people wouldn’t keep making them if they weren’t selling.


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