Blah. Blah. Blog.

Hello, Hello

I’m Micaela Lemondrop, otherwise known as Kiki in Second Life, and this, lovely reader is my blog.

You can expect to find a bit of this and that here, mostly related to the things that I do in SL – and that’s a lot of things.  I breed KittyCatS, I co-own and act as Auctioneer at a KittyCatS market known as CatTales, I make clothes, mesh and classic av stuff, and … I procrastinate a lot.  I love to shop, which I kind of hate doing in the real world, and I have a nightmare of an inventory.

Despite the fact that it may seem otherwise, I’m actually quite a shy person.  I’ve never been particularly good at writing or talking about myself, and I’m not usually one to put myself out front and center.  We’re just going to have to see how this blog thing goes.


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